8th RTG Seminar - 4th Virtual Meeting

April 20-21


Invited Speakers: Lars Haustedt (AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH), Jens-Peter von Kries (FMP Berlin) & Jürgen Maier-Rosenkranz (JMR Analytik)

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Congratulations to Dr. Anselm Schneider

April 15


Our former graduate student Anselm has published this outstanding article on cell penetrating peptides in NatureChemistry!

Congratulations to Kay Hommernick & Leonardo Kleebauer

March 31


Kay & Leonardo (Suessmuth Lab) has published this fantastic article on Acetylenic Replacement of Albicidin’s Methacrylamide Residues!

Congratulations to Dr. Anselm Schneider

February 19


He is the first grad student of our RTG to defend.

7th RTG Seminar - 3rd Virtual Meeting

February 17-18


Invited Speakers: Eric Schmidt (University of Utah), Oscar Kuipers (University of Groningen), Lutz Schmitt (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf) & Karsten Schnatbaum (JPT Peptides Technologies)

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6th RTG Seminar - 2nd Virtual Meeting

December 10


...will be a colorful mix of Phd student´s talks and lecture on Good Manufacturing Practice (organized by GMP Academy)

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November 10


Christian Hackenberger receives breaktrough award in the category life sciences at Berlin Science week 2020

Looking forward to Berlin Science Week!

November 1-10


Vera Meyer (Category Science in the Arts) and Christian Hackenberger (Category Life Science) are nominated for the Falling Walls

5th RTG Seminar

October 6-7


We are excited to meet us again in person!

Invited speakers: Vera Meyer (TU Berlin) and Heiko Möller (Universität Potsdam)

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„Die geheime Macht der Pilze“

September 21


An environmental documentary about the secret power of fungi, shot at Meyer Labs.

View plant e documetation at ZDF mediathek

4th RTG Seminar - 1st Virtual Meeting

May 26


Invited speakers:  Frank Gombert (GPRS, Basel, CH)

4th RTG Seminar

April 23-24


Invited speakers: Ali Tavassoli (University of Southampton, UK) and Frank Gombert (GPRS, Basel, CH)

Due to Corona crises the seminar is postponed!

1st RTG Retreat

March 2-3


Invited speakers: Christian Becker (Universität Wien, AU) and Dominik Sarma (belyntic, Berlin, GER)

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New publication available

January 31


Congratulations to our RTG student Caroline Knittel and Prof. Suessmuth on the publication A Convergent Total Synthesis of Death Cap Toxin α-Amanitin published in Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.

3rd RTG Seminar

January 23-24


Invited speakers: Sereina Riniker (ETH Zurich, CH) and Thomas Vorherr (Novartis, Basel, CH)

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Emil-Fischer Memorial Symposium

December 9


Invited speakers: Geert-Jan Boons (Utrecht University), Thomas Carell (LMU München), Yael David (Sloan-Kettering Institute), Samuel Gellman (UW Madison/Wisconsin), Don Hilvert (ETH Zurich), Catherine Jackson (University of Oxford), Yasuhiro Kajihara (Osaka University), Stephen Kent (University of Chicago), Eric Kool (Stanford University), Hermen Overkleeft (Leiden University) and Helma Wennemers (ETH Zurich)

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Challenges in Peptide & Proteins Synthesis-Day

December 6


Invited speakers: Stephen Kent (University of Chicago)

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2nd RTG Seminar

October 24 - 25


Invited speakers: Helge Bode (Universität Frankfurt a.M.) and

Jim Naismith (Rosalind Franklin Insitute, UK)

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New Professor

September 13


Bettina Keller has been appointed professor for Theoretical Chemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin

1st RTG Seminar

June 14


Invited speakers: Virginia Cornish (Columbia University, USA), Barbara Imperiali (Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, USA), Richard Payne (University of Sydney, AUS) and Ralph Schoenleber (Bachem AG, GER)

Launch of SynPepBio



TU Berlin is to act as host university of the new Research Training Group (RTG2473/1) “Bioactive Peptides – Innovative Aspects of Synthesis and Biosynthesis”. The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved the funding of this new RTG on 9 November 2018. Spokesperson will be Prof. Roderich D. Süssmuth. The RTG will conduct research in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, biological chemistry and bioanalytics. The German Research Foundation will provide the RTG with funding of approximately EUR 4.5 million over a period of four and a half years from 1 April 2019 until 30 September 2023. Find out more details in the corresponding press release No. 228/2018 and the TU Intern Issue 12/2018.