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Former Students

Tim Bilbrough


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Seitz

PhD Thesis: Total chemical synthesis of post-translationally modified protein domains.

 Dr. Timur Bulatov


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Suessmuth

PhD Thesis: Total synthesis and biological evaluation of paenilamicins from honey bee pathogen Paenibacillus larvae.

Aristo Pharma GmbH, Berlin

Dr. Daniela Gjorgjevikj


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wahl

PhD Topic: Peptide-based modulation of the bacterial transcription machinery

 Dr. Lena Grass


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wahl

PhD Topic: Structures and Functions of Bacterial DExH-Box RNA Helicases

Dr. Kay Hommernick


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Suessmuth

PhD Thesis: Synthesis of novel Albicidin derivatives for structure-activity relationship studies

BASF Services Europe GmbH, Berlin

Dr. Jan-Oliver Joswig


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Keller

PhD Thesis: Application and improvement of Molecular Dynamics simulations and Markov-state model analysis of biological systems

Exscientia, Oxford, UK

Dr. Leonardo Kleebauer


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Suessmuth

PhD Thesis: The potential of the new antibiotic lead structure Albicidin regarding chemical modifications towards a future antibiotic drug

Post-Doc at Gouveneur/ Davis-Lab, University Oxford

Dr. Caroline Knittel


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Suessmuth

PhD Thesis: Total synthesis of α-Amanitin and its derivatives 

Post-Doc at Devaral-Lab, University of California, San Diego

Winner of Max-Bergman-Kreis Young Scientists Award 2021

Dr. Julia Krumbholz


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dittmann

PhD Thesis: Elucidation of a Quorum Sensing like Network in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme

Assistent Manager Regulator Affairs, Scientific Consulting GmbH, Berlin

Dr. Zeinab Mahfouz


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Koksch

PhD Thesis: Bioactive beta and gamma peptides.

JPT Peptides Technologies GmbH, Berlin

Dr. Marcus Michaelis


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Moeller

PhD Thesis: Characterization of binding events between cytoplasmic domain of integrin-β1/β3 constructs and the focal adhesion-associated proteins paxillin and kindlin-2

Post-Doc at Moeller Lab, Universität Potsdam

Kendra Njo


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rappsilber

PhD Topic: Epitope mapping of clinically relevant antibodies by advanced proteomics.

Emanuele Piemontese


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Seitz

PhD Thesis: Phospho(glyco)peptides as tools to probe the readers of the RNA-Polymerase II C-Terminal domain.

Antonia Schewe


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Süssmuth

PhD Thesis: Characterisation of Albicidin and its derivatives towards resistance factors.

Dr. Fabian Schildhauer


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rappsilber

PhD Thesis: Incorporation of non-canonical amino acids in cells for cross-linking mass spectrometry.

Post-Doc at Rappsilber Lab, TU Berlin

Dr. Anselm Schneider


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hackenberger

PhD Thesis: Novel cell-penetrating peptides in the delivery of functional protein conjugates into living cells

NUVISAN Pharma Holding GmbH

Winner of Max-Bergman-Kreis Young Scientists Award 2021

Dr. Romina Schnegotzki


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Süßmuth 

PhD Thesis: Total synthesis of cochinmicin I and its role as potent endothelin receptor antagonist

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Biberach

Stella Scholz


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dittmann

Project: Coupling of ribosomal and non-ribosomal synthesis

PhD Topic: Functional characterization of novel NRPS/RiPP hybrid biosynthetic pathways in cyanobacteria

 Dr. Ludwig Sinn


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rappsilber

PhD Thesis: Technical advances in crosslinking and mass spectrometry for the study of biomolecular structures on the systems level

Post-Doc at Demichev/ Ralser - Lab, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Dr. Stephan Starke


Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Meyer, PD Dr. Jung

PhD Topic: A systems biology approach to dissect the function of the antifungal protein AnAFP for Aspergillus niger.

Post-Doc at Meyer - Lab, TU Berlin

Dr. Christian Stieger


Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Hackenberger

PhD Topic: Chemoselective phosphonamidate-based tools for protein targeting and labeling.

Post-Doc at Hackenberger - Lab, FMP Berlin

Anna Tutsch

Anna Tutsch-5472.jpg

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mroginski

PhD Topic: Structure and Mode of Action of Antimicrobial Peptide Microvionin.

Dr. Marius Wenz


Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Keller

PhD Topic: Markov models of peptide conformational dynamics.

Patent lawyer candidate, Kanzlei Zimmermann & Partner, Berlin

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